Prayer Ministry

We at LPC truly believe in the power of personal and corporate prayer. Every Sunday morning the Strike Force Prayer Team meets in the sanctuary at 8:50 to pray for our church ministries.

In the military sense of the term “strike force,” it is a military trained group of warriors who serve as an advance team for those who will follow. Their effectiveness is crucial and vital and will lay the strategic groundwork that will determine the outcome for winning battles and achieving victory. Spiritually speaking, the Strike Force Prayer Team serves in the same capacity. We believe that prayer and praise creates an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to minister for the congregation. We believe that praying for the worship team, special music, and the ministry from the Word must be anointed as they are presented. We also believe in intercession for those who will attend that need to accept Christ, those who desire prayer for personal needs, or those who desire prayer for physical needs. We unashamedly believe that we serve a loving, compassionate God who longs to interact with and answer the prayers of those who seek Him.

Come be a part of an intercessory prayer team that makes a difference!