You most likely know the disappointed feeling in your soul after diligently and wholeheartedly putting your time, energy, and often money into a project or task only to end by saying to yourself, “that was of no avail.”

The phrases “of no avail” or “to little avail” echo a tone of discouragement.  Often, it is at this point one is tempted to give up hope.  Hope, one of your strongest resources, one of the greatest gifts from God.  Hope, the supernatural force which not only launches you forward but aids you in continuing life’s race toward the goal of God’s glory and eternity in His presence.

It is this hope that empowers us to ‘boldly go before God’s throne of grace.’  It is this divine hope that compels us to fervently seek divine intervention  in our lives and this earth of God’s creation.

This God-given, divinely-driven hope reminds us that: “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!”

Indeed, earnest prayer has “great power and produces results!”

You do not have to look far or listen too intently to immediately realize that NOW is a time for us to AVAIL!

Reading a newspaper, watching television, perusing social media, or overhearing a conversation at your favorite café will profoundly remind you of the decisive moment which our country and the Church are at!

Therefore, consider the 3 essential elements which must be present in order to avail!  James 5:16 clearly and concisely tells us that we can have the power to produce results when these three are present and working together.

1 – ‘effectual,’ ‘fervent,’ ‘earnest’  are the words used to describe the intensity with which we must approach the situation.  These words sharply contrast to words such as: half-hearted, occasional, and convenient.

2 – ‘prayer’ is the action needed to be taken.  It is the one and only avenue by which we may boldly present requests to the throne of grace.

3 – ‘righteous’ describes the mandatory condition of the heart that will have impact.

Do you want to availDo you desire to see God’s power produce results in your life and this country?  When you answer ‘Yes,’ you must realize that it will require you to wholeheartedly and zealously seek God in prayer.  Set aside those things which entangle you and keep you from living in the righteousness of Christ.

What will get results? It is your fervent prayer, not frequent social posts.  It is your righteousness in Christ, not religious thinking.

Now is the time to AVAIL!
Pastor Gary & Alisa


Need Answers?

Need Answers?

How many times do we find ourselves intently looking for an answer from God to a specific question or need we have?  It is certain that much of our prayers should and do focus on worship and praise toward God.  But it is also true that many times our prayers are saturated with requests and needs.

Let me encourage you with this undeniable, indisputable, and irrevocable truth — God wants to answer our questions!  God wants to give us what we need!  So if you are being tempted to think that maybe God is not going to meet your need, then change your thinking to line up with His Word! From Genesis through Revelation, we can clearly see that God’s great love for us is an ACTIVE LOVE!  He interacts in our lives!

So what do you do when you feel like you are not getting an answer?  We all know there are many variables to answering that question, but scripture teaches us some overall guidelines.  First of all, be persistent.  Keep asking, seeking, and knocking.  Second, be sure to get into Scripture to see what it has to say about your situation.  Third, consider if there is some action you need to take.

Let’s further explain the third point for a moment.  As I was studying the story of Abraham’s obedience to God in sacrificing Isaac, I noticed something.  Scripture tells us that Abraham set out to go to the place God had told him about in order to make the sacrifice.  Isn’t it amazing that, at that place, there were thickets?  Isn’t it amazing that, at that place, there was a ram?  When Abraham took action by going to the place God had directed him, his answer was supplied.

Is there something you need to do to put yourself in the place to receive your answer?

Alisa and I are praying for you!  We know God has the answer you need!  We also know that God will provide for you!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa


Can You Get A Good Return With No Investment?

Can You Get A Good Return With No Investment?

If you want to harvest tomatoes, you’ll need to plant tomato seeds.  If you want to learn a second language, you’ll need to study.  If you want to have money in savings, you’ll need to set some aside and not spend everything that comes in.  If you want to excel in a sport, an art form, or any area of life, you’ll need to INVEST time, energy, talent, … yourself into that area.

What about eternity?  What about answers to your needs?  What about living with peace during the storms of life or having joy during seasons of difficulty?  What about knowing, without ANY doubt, that God is with you and looking out for your best in every situation?  What about knowing God’s voice and hearing it clearly over the noisiness of life’s hurriedness?

God promises the GREATEST RETURN on your investment, but what is key here is that we understand that God requires us to invest — invest ourselves into a relationship with Him.

The answers to His promises are given to:

  • Those who diligently seek Him…
  • Those who believe…
  • Those who hear the Word and bear fruit…
  • Those who obey…
  • Those who do the will of the Father…

These are simply a few of the many ‘those who’ statements in scripture which teach us the importance of investing ourselves into a relationship with God.

God has given us prayer as the primary way to commune with Him and position ourselves exactly where He wants us to be.

Therefore, PRAY!  Make EVERY EFFORT to be in prayer; alone, as a family, and together as Christ’s Body.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa


Getting Out of a Pit!

Getting Out of a Pit!

Have you ever known that something would really make a difference but just didn’t take the time to do it?  Here is a simple example of my own. Not too long ago, I had a terrible headache. First things first, I prayed about it and continued working.  I was extremely focused at the time on what I was doing. Every now and then I’d find myself rubbing my forehead or massaging my scalp.  This continued throughout the day.  What also continued was the thought that if I would just take a couple of aspirin it would relieve the pain.  Finally, that evening I took a couple of aspirin and it seemed that, within a few moments, the headache was gone.  Now, why didn’t I just do that earlier in the day?

This same concept can powerfully illustrate a spiritual principle for us.  Being a Believer in Christ does not protect us from attacks of depression, oppression, discouragement, exhaustion, distraction, or frustration, but God prepared for us a uniquely powerful remedy to lift us up out of those pits.

Nehemiah 8:10 says, “The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength!”  Joy is a key word in this verse. The joy of the Lord is rushed into our lives through a powerful tool we use called Praise! Praise overcomes and defeats those attacks we mentioned earlier.

Remember Isaiah 61:3 tells us to put on a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. Therefore, clothe yourself in praise. Let your praise be expressed throughout your entire being!  It’s a promise from your Heavenly Father.

Praise will lift you out of every pit

I once heard a fellow minister share that the name Judah means praise.  He continued to share a remarkable insight as he related the story of Joseph being put into a pit by his brothers, with their intention being to kill him. When Judah spoke up, Joseph was taken out of the pit and continued on the path God had prepared for him to one day save his family.

The comparison here was that Judah (praise) was the one who initiated Joseph’s release from the pit.  In much the same way, praise will free you from the pits in your life.

Praise the Lord TODAY!  Let your praise continually be on your lips!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa


What a Revelation!

Reading through Matthew 16:13-20 clearly shows us the vital necessity that we allow ourselves time to hear from God.  Peter received a wonderful gift that day.  It was a gift of “Revealed Knowledge.”  Jesus clarified it for us as He said, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven.”

When God reveals something to you, no one can take it away.  As Jesus expressed, not even the gates of Hades can overcome it!

I have come to realize that God reveals things to us more often than we recognize. Since God cares for every detail of our lives, as Scripture tells us, we should be looking for the many revelations each day as God speaks into our lives.

Here is what I’ve come to experience.  The more I have disciplined myself to be watching for Him to speak and move, the more I have discovered that He does it all of the time!

If you are feeling like God hasn’t done anything special in your life recently, I challenge you to start taking notice of even the little things that bless you throughout the day.  It may be a friend handing you a soda, finding a coupon for something you really enjoy, discovering a nail in the driveway before you back out the car, or walking in the door just in time to catch that phone call for which you have been waiting.

Each time something happens, take a moment to praise Him for it!  Soon, you will discover that He is consistently speaking into your life!  God is always revealing Who He is to you!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa