Mission, Values, & Vision

Mission Statement

Commit – Cultivate – Create

We will commit to live as devoted followers of Jesus Christ, cultivate God’s presence through unity, prayer, worship, and right living,  and create for our community a place of where people can discover a merciful God, learn from Bible-based messages of victorious Christian living in a Spirit-filled atmosphereas we partner together in local, domestic, and global mission endeavors.

Values Statement

We value people, prayer, praise, presence, and proclamation!

We value people!

We value all people as God does and invite them to worship with us. God has created eachof us distinctively different and yet has called us to join together into one body redeemedworshippers, developing relationships and engaging in ministry opportunities, united as one inJesus Christ.

We value prayer!

We value prayer as the means of communication described in the Bible for us to speak andinteract with God the Father, with Jesus as our Intercessor, and aided by the Holy Spirit as wepray for our needs, the needs of others, and seek divine guidance and wisdom for daily living.

We value praise!

We value authentic, passionate, interactive times of praise and worship to God expressedthrough music and songs of celebration, faith, adoration, and dedication.

We value presence!

We value God’s unmistakable presence in our meeting times, daily lives, and relationships.

We value proclamation!

We value the teaching, preaching, and dramatic presentations of God’s Word causing us to livemore holy, witness more boldly, and grow more fully in faith as we follow Christ.

Vision Statement

As God’s people, we will be His church gathering as one to worship and study His Word, to fellowship with and pray one for another, to impact our community, and partner with global missionaries to win the world through evangelism and acts of kindness as we follow Christ.