You most likely know the disappointed feeling in your soul after diligently and wholeheartedly putting your time, energy, and often money into a project or task only to end by saying to yourself, “that was of no avail.”

The phrases “of no avail” or “to little avail” echo a tone of discouragement.  Often, it is at this point one is tempted to give up hope.  Hope, one of your strongest resources, one of the greatest gifts from God.  Hope, the supernatural force which not only launches you forward but aids you in continuing life’s race toward the goal of God’s glory and eternity in His presence.

It is this hope that empowers us to ‘boldly go before God’s throne of grace.’  It is this divine hope that compels us to fervently seek divine intervention  in our lives and this earth of God’s creation.

This God-given, divinely-driven hope reminds us that: “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!”

Indeed, earnest prayer has “great power and produces results!”

You do not have to look far or listen too intently to immediately realize that NOW is a time for us to AVAIL!

Reading a newspaper, watching television, perusing social media, or overhearing a conversation at your favorite café will profoundly remind you of the decisive moment which our country and the Church are at!

Therefore, consider the 3 essential elements which must be present in order to avail!  James 5:16 clearly and concisely tells us that we can have the power to produce results when these three are present and working together.

1 – ‘effectual,’ ‘fervent,’ ‘earnest’  are the words used to describe the intensity with which we must approach the situation.  These words sharply contrast to words such as: half-hearted, occasional, and convenient.

2 – ‘prayer’ is the action needed to be taken.  It is the one and only avenue by which we may boldly present requests to the throne of grace.

3 – ‘righteous’ describes the mandatory condition of the heart that will have impact.

Do you want to availDo you desire to see God’s power produce results in your life and this country?  When you answer ‘Yes,’ you must realize that it will require you to wholeheartedly and zealously seek God in prayer.  Set aside those things which entangle you and keep you from living in the righteousness of Christ.

What will get results? It is your fervent prayer, not frequent social posts.  It is your righteousness in Christ, not religious thinking.

Now is the time to AVAIL!
Pastor Gary & Alisa