Getting Out of a Pit!

Getting Out of a Pit!

Have you ever known that something would really make a difference but just didn’t take the time to do it?  Here is a simple example of my own. Not too long ago, I had a terrible headache. First things first, I prayed about it and continued working.  I was extremely focused at the time on what I was doing. Every now and then I’d find myself rubbing my forehead or massaging my scalp.  This continued throughout the day.  What also continued was the thought that if I would just take a couple of aspirin it would relieve the pain.  Finally, that evening I took a couple of aspirin and it seemed that, within a few moments, the headache was gone.  Now, why didn’t I just do that earlier in the day?

This same concept can powerfully illustrate a spiritual principle for us.  Being a Believer in Christ does not protect us from attacks of depression, oppression, discouragement, exhaustion, distraction, or frustration, but God prepared for us a uniquely powerful remedy to lift us up out of those pits.

Nehemiah 8:10 says, “The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength!”  Joy is a key word in this verse. The joy of the Lord is rushed into our lives through a powerful tool we use called Praise! Praise overcomes and defeats those attacks we mentioned earlier.

Remember Isaiah 61:3 tells us to put on a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. Therefore, clothe yourself in praise. Let your praise be expressed throughout your entire being!  It’s a promise from your Heavenly Father.

Praise will lift you out of every pit

I once heard a fellow minister share that the name Judah means praise.  He continued to share a remarkable insight as he related the story of Joseph being put into a pit by his brothers, with their intention being to kill him. When Judah spoke up, Joseph was taken out of the pit and continued on the path God had prepared for him to one day save his family.

The comparison here was that Judah (praise) was the one who initiated Joseph’s release from the pit.  In much the same way, praise will free you from the pits in your life.

Praise the Lord TODAY!  Let your praise continually be on your lips!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa