What Do Others See In You?

Here is a thought provoking question for you today… Do those who know you see the ‘real’ Christ Jesus?  

God calls to us several times in the New Testament to become “Imitators” of Christ – “Imitators” of God.  What exactly does that mean?  Where do we begin?

Maybe we can more quickly answer those questions by first answering this question. “What are you passionate about?” It is obvious to others around you as to where your passions lie.  You spend time with the areas of life in which you are passionate.  If it is art, then art is reflected in your home, your conversations, your days of relaxation.  The next sequential question is, “What does God want you to be passionate about?”

With Christ being your ‘perfect’ example, you quickly and most accurately discover the answer to that question is ‘prayer.’  E. M. Bounds sums it up like this in his book “Weapon of Prayer.”

Nothing is more suggestive of thought than Christ’s continual praying, and nothing is more conspicuous about Him than prayer. His campaigns were arranged, His victories gained, in the struggles and communion of His all-night praying. His praying rent the heavens. Moses and Elijah and the Transfiguration glory waited on His praying. His miracles and His teaching had their force from the same source. Gethsemane’s praying crimsoned Calvary with serenity and glory. His prayer makes the history and hastens the triumphs of His Church. What an inspiration and command to prayer is Christ’s life! What a comment on its worth! How He shames our lives by His praying!

Reviewing the question at the beginning, “Do those who know you see the ‘real’ Christ Jesus?”  In order for you to answer with a resounding “YES!”, you must be men and women of prayer.

I put a call to you today.  I call you to prayer.  Not just as an event, meeting, focus, or season, but I call you to a life-style of prayer.

Love in Christ,
Pastors Gary & Alisa Linn