God Loves You

Some time ago, I was challenged to begin each day by not only recognizing, but also verbally acknowledging (speaking out loud) God’s direction, wisdom, gifts, abundance, and calling for my life.  As I have endeavored to start each day that way, I have found it an incredible source of strength and encouragement.

I share this with you to encourage you to do the same because I desire that you experience the fullness of God’s blessing in your life each and every day!

Here is what you should do.  As you awake each morning, before you even get out of your bed, take a moment to speak out loud the promises from God over your life.  It could be something as easy as quoting the Word over your day.  Here is an example to consider.

I know I am blessed and protected today because it is written that God will never leave me nor forsake me.  I will make good decisions today because I choose to listen for God’s voice that says, “This is the way, walk in it.”  I choose to walk in love today so that all will know that I am Christ’s disciple.  I will receive blessings today because it is written that, as I have given, it shall be given to me.  I am confident that the ministry God has called me to will indeed prosper today because, it is written, that I am as a tree planted by streams of living water whose leaves do not wither.  All that my hands find to do will prosper.  I receive the answers to my questions today because God’s Holy Word promises me that, when I ask, it will be given.  Today strength will be mine to accomplish whatever comes my way because God promised me that by His great power He has given me everything that I need in life.  And, as I wait on Him, He renews my strength.  I decide to be slow to anger, slow to speak, quick to love, and quick to show the love of God to all whom I meet this day.

Reaffirm each day who God has called you to be.  You are His chosen child!  You are the apple of His eye!

Yes, God Loves You!                                                                                                                                                                      Pastor Gary & Alisa