Life Is …

Carefully and thoughtfully contemplate one word. What ‘one’ word would you use to describe your life? Don’t rush on reading this letter without first answering this question, “What ‘one’ word would you use to describe your life?”

(PAUSE – Think – Then fill in the blank __________) Now that you have that word meticulously selected, let us continue.

Some of the most common words people use to describe their lives are words such as: Busy, Confused, Tiring, Discouraging, Overwhelming, Hard, or Frustrating. Of course, there are some people who will answer with words such as: Joyful, Happy, Content, and Rewarding.

I want to give you ‘one’ word to describe your life. I pray this word will deeply challenge you to the core of who you are and all you do. As a Believer, would it not be the most appropriate and correct response to answer the question by simply saying, “JESUS.”

Think about this for a moment. Jesus is your life! He is all of your life! He is the Life-Giver and Life-Sustainer! He is Life itself. Jesus said that He came to give you LIFE!

Therefore, words such as joyful, happy, content, busy, confused, and frustrating more suitably describe circumstances. Circumstances change. Circumstances are temporal and fleeting. Circumstances press inward from the outside but your Lord and Savior has overcome all circumstances! Jesus Christ brings you LIFE from the inside that will overcome all the circumstances on the outside!

Never allow circumstances to mislead you into believing that your joy or frustration comes from those things around you. Never allow circumstances to deceive you into allowing emotion to determine your perspective. Jesus is your life! Fully rely upon Him to lead you through all of life’s situations. Rest in Him. Follow Him. Trust Him. Become so interdependent on Him that the next time someone asks you, “How’s life?” You will shout with victory, “Life is Jesus!”

Increasing in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa