2016 – A Pivotal Year

I truly believe 2016 will be historically and spiritually paramount to God’s people and become a pivotal year in this world. It is a year of God’s plans and purposes being fulfilled. It is a year for those who know Christ to be increasingly diligent in their service to Him as Lord.

As the Kingdom of God grows through our church, it is vital that we not only remain established in Him but that we increase in our likeness of Him. God has profoundly impressed upon me to share with you some specific words of direction that will create in all of us the Christlikeness He desires:

-As you come to worship on Sundays, come expecting to be a participant in what God is doing. (not a spectator)

-As you leave your home to come to His church, leave your cares and receive His joy.

-As you pull onto the parking lot, look for the multiple opportunities to encourage, bless, and love all who are there.

-Move beyond friendship to oneness in Christ. – It is so easy to become accustomed to certain people, certain routines, certain habits, etc… that we never sit with a stranger, never strike up a conversation with someone outside our circle of close relations, never stop to think that just because someone isn’t frowning doesn’t mean that they aren’t struggling. As Paul writes to the Thessalonians, “encourage each other and build each other up.”

-Be faithful to God on Sundays! (I recently saw a picture of a church filled with people who were faithful to keep the Sabbath holy. What was so amazing about the photo was that they were standing in at least a foot or more of water. Yes, the church was flooded and you could see through the doors that the entire area was flooded. But, those believers would not let anything keep them from giving glory to Almighty God by being obedient to His Word in keeping His Sabbath day holy.)

-Remain faithful in the Word and prayer.

-Forsake not your worship of giving to God in tithes, offering, and gifts for the poor.

The resurrection power of Christ is working in us! God is preparing us for a great outpouring of His power in these last days. NOW are the days which the prophets of old desired so greatly to see for themselves.
You and I can actively experience God’s glory in
the days coming as we sincerely serve God

I am so excitedly looking forward to encountering God with a renewed spirit this year!

Increasing in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa