A Simple Touch

A Simple Touch

Thought #1 – Most all of us are feeling the demands of the Christmas season!  The busyness of the season seems to increase year after year.  We are attending and planning all sorts of extra activities and events.  We are shopping for friends and family.  And we are doing it all with enormous smiles on our faces!  Well, maybe not always enormous.

Thought #2 – In Luke 8:40 – 48, we read the account of the healing of a very sick woman.  Though Jesus was in constant contact with one or more people, as Peter said, “pressing against” Him, there was one touch which brought forth the miracle power of God and changed a woman’s life forever!

Thought #3 – Scripture clearly shows us that we are now to carry on Christ’s work.  We are to be imitators of God.  We are to be Christ’s witnesses.  We are the light unto the world.  Christ, Himself, said, “You will do greater works than these.”

By combining these 3 thoughts, let’s consider how they impact us during this holiday season.

We are in the crowd of the season, being pressed against from all sides.  We are touching the lives of so many around us.  But let’s ask ourselves, “What kind of touch?”  Are we merely brushing shoulders and pressing onward to get through one event to the next until the busyness of the season is over?  Or, are we taking advantage of the opportunities this season to bring God’s power and love into that touch and change someone’s life forever?

I have a reminder typed and printed out on my desk in my home office.  Part of it reads, “I am clothed with Christ.  I am wearing the garment, anointed of God, giving out what God has freely given me, letting the very life and power of God flow out from me to others.”

I encourage you to take advantage of this special time of year.  You will have many God-given opportunities to give a miracle life-giving touch.  Be aware!  Be prepared!  Be a blessing!

Increasing in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa