A Pattern Of Fruitfulness

A Pattern of Fruitfulness

Everything we do in this life is usually based upon our perception or understanding.  It is when satan can twist one’s perception of something that he can then manipulate a person’s way of thinking away from God’s plan and designs for his/her life.

Answer this: “What is your perception of the life of Christ?”  Since God clearly directs us to follow Christ’s example, then we must have a clear understanding of His exemplary life.  Pay very close attention to this next statement and mull it over for a few moments. Jesus Christ’s life was a consistent pattern of going from “one place of prayer” to “another place of prayer” with “miracles in between.” That is the key pattern for your life It is the essential blueprint for success, fruitfulness, and victory in your life.

Christ placed His time and efforts into prayer and fellowship with the Father.  Then the miracles followed! The incredible signs and wonders were not the focus— they were the inevitable side effects of the intense relationship He had with His Father.

As you go from one “place of prayer” to another “place of prayer” throughout your day, you will quickly discover that the answers to all the issues of life naturally and supernaturally flow out from within you. You already know that “greater is He that is in you” and “by His divine power He has given you everything you need for life and for godliness.”

Cultivate that relationship by going from prayer to prayer and you will discover certain victory, sure success, and consistent fruitfulness in everything you do in life and in ministry!

Indeed, Christ has given you a clear pattern to follow.

Increasing in Christ,
Pastors Gary & Alisa Linn