Creating Everlasting Impact

Here is a short question which I hope will produce a long thought.

Is God glorified through your life?  Ask yourself that question.  “How is God being glorified through my life? 

Many believe that God is more glorified through the famous and most accomplished. It may be true that someone in the limelight may have an opportunity to make an impact for God’s kingdom; however, that is not how God intends to bring Himself glory.

The fact remains that the outstanding examples of God being exalted throughout scripture were usually through what appeared to be the least, not the largest.  Think for a moment of David, Daniel, Samson, Elijah, Elisha, Deborah, Ruth, Peter, Paul, Abraham, the lad with a basket of fish and bread, and the countless other individuals God chose to work through.

Many times you may feel misplaced or even overlooked.  But the simple truth is, God wants to be glorified through your life!  Today! It is who you are that brings glory to God!  When you are sincere and have a pure, God will work through you to bring glory to Himself!

Once, I was at lunch with an unbelieving couple.  They asked me a simple question which appeared to not have any religious connotation at all. The short, simple response I gave had a resounding impact which brought God glory.

You see, it is the everyday working out of our faith with those around us that truly brings glory to God.   It is how you respond.  It is how you think.  It is how you act and react.  It is how you walk in and speak with authority that will have an everlasting impact on those who need Christ!

Go, bring God glory this week!

Increasing in Christ,
Pastors Gary & Alisa Linn