You Are The Key!

YOU are the KEY! Picture with me for a moment your favorite sports team.  Maybe it is a professional team, or maybe it is a team at school.  Let’s imagine that you go to a game and sit in the bleachers with an expectation to see your team win the game.  You are all decked out in your team’s colors.  You are filled with excitement as the game begins, but it doesn’t take but a short time before you realize that the players and coaches of your team are not even trying to win.  They could care less about even playing. Maybe you even hear players along the sidelines talking among themselves about other events and activities without paying any attention to what is going on in the game.  First of all, your team is not going to win because their hearts and focus are just not in the game.  Secondly, you are not going to stay.  You will leave that game disappointed.

Now, let’s consider the opposite of that scenario. You show up to your very first game.  The entire crowd is enthusiastically cheering for the team.  The team players are giving all they have to do their best. The coaching staff and every team member is plugged into the game with a singular focus to win. There is an eruption of praise with each scoring point.  The electricity in the air draws you into the game so much that you feel as though you are a part of the team.  Your heart is pounding.  Your soul is extremely motivated to never miss a game, EVER!

This second scenario is what I envision when I think about your involvement at your church!  In my mind’s eye, I can see you giving your best and doing all for the glory of God.

The challenge is that it is going to take EVERY PERSON ON OUR TEAM to do their best.  Are you up to it?  Are you up to the challenge of giving your best for God?  I believe that you are!  I believe in you!

I want you to succeed!  I daily pray for you!  And now, I am going to challenge you to daily pray for your church! SERIOUSLY! Do you have a pen and paper handy? Better yet, how about a marker and index card?  Grab something now before you forget or get distracted! Write on the card – Pray for My Church! TODAY! Now, put it someplace prominent where you will see it several times every day. Usually, that is on a mirror or the refrigerator door.  (LOL)

Increasing in Christ,

Pastors Gary & Alisa Linn