Keep The Bar Raised!

I was once asked the question.  “Are you a fire and brimstone sort of guy?”  I must say that I did not immediately respond because it was not clear what was actually being asked.  Farther along in the conversation it became evident what the true question was and I answered, “I’m a black and white sort of guy. There are no shades of gray when it comes to serving the Lord.”

Let’s always be reminded that God’s Word is straightforward on what is right and holy.  God’s Word is direct and to the point on what is wrong and unholy.  Never lower God’s standards in an attempt to reach the lost or grow the church.

Let’s do a simple object lesson to express the point.  If God requires a score of 25 on a test, but we lead people to believe that He will curve the grade and they can get by with only a 19, then we become accountable for them not making the score.

Do not lower God’s standards!  Share the Word as it is written!  Present the full gospel to those around you through your words, your actions, and your prayers!  Always do it in love as Christ. Then, place them into the gentle care of the Holy Spirit.  He will nurture the seeds you have planted.

The uncomplicated and uncompromised Truth is what our world needs today!

Increasing in Christ,
Pastors Gary & Alisa Linn