Life-Giving Perspective

Do You Have An ‘Elijah Perspective?’

Picture with me the account of Elijah’s prayer for rain.  In this moment, Elijah demonstrated faith in answer to his prayer when his servant said, “A little cloud like a man’s hand is coming from the sea.”  Elijah had a life-giving perspective.

Let’s explore two life-changing perspectives to the small clouds that come into our lives.

The One You Want to Avoid
1 – We all understand the illustrations of a glass that is filled half-way with water.  Instead of saying the glass is “Half Full,” a life-inhibiting perspective will say the glass is “Half Empty.”  So, if Elijah would have had this perspective, he would have waited to send word to Ahab until after he saw the lightning, heard the thunder, and felt the puddles forming around his feet.

The One You Want to Daily Practice
2 – The life-giving perspective of the glass being “Half Full” focuses upon the goodness of God, even in the smallest of events.  I daily take note of God’s goodness in my life, even when I am walking through the most difficult situations!  I choose to overcome evil with good!  I choose to be thankful to my Life-Giver!  This perspective continues to be the strength that sees me through the most challenging moments.  It’s the “Elijah perspective” to recognize the hand of God moving even in the smallest of details!

Why is this so vital to your life and ministry?

Let’s bullet the process for you in a list.

  • You need strength to be victorious
  • The Joy of the Lord is your strength
  • Joy is not forced upon you
  • Your Joy in the Lord comes directly from your recognition of God’s activity in your life
  • The life-giving Elijah perspective creates in you an extra sensitive spirit to see God’s activity
  • You then receive Joy which brings strength
  • This results in “Being More Than an Overcomer”

Make a special effort to develop the Elijah Perspective!  Your days will be filled with joy.  Your life will become a living testimony to the lost around you!

Increasing in Christ,
Pastors Gary & Alisa Linn