Success Through Difficult Situations

How can you consistently walk in success even while going through very difficult situations?  You must be skilled – skilled in the Word.  Being skilled in the Word is so much more than just knowing the Word.  It is knowing how to use the Word.  That is what 2 Timothy 2:15 is talking about!

You may be immediately facing financial, physical, emotional, leadership, guidance, social, spiritual, or relational battles right this very moment and still be “MORE” than an overcomer if you actually know how to use the Word!  (Romans 8:37)

If you were asked to quote a verse concerning healing, you most likely could.  What about one concerning wisdom, finances, or direction?  Yes, you could probably do that as well.  But are those scriptures so alive in your heart that you speak them naturally and with authority when trials come?

Skillfully applying the Word of God to your everyday life is something that does not just happen.  It is something that is developed.  Determine to develop your Word skills today!  The Word is powerful.  The Word is insightful!  The Word is all authority!  The Word is Christ Himself!  The Word is the key to success!  The Word brings wisdom.  The Word brings life.  The Word brings direction.  The Word gives healing and hope.  The Word instills peace.

There is no such thing as having too much of God’s Word!  Everything you will ever need, every problem you will ever face, every trial that you will overcome is addressed and the victory provided for in the Word.

What are you facing today?  What direction do you need?  Do you know what the Word says about it?  Pick up your Bible right now!  Find out what the Word has to say about it.  Meditate on it.  Ask God to speak to you through His Word.  Speak it out in faith over your problem.  Become SKILLED in the Word and you will become SKILLED in all things!

Increasing in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa