Do You Suffer From WCS?

Over the years, Alisa and I have seen a number of stray cats grow up in our neighborhood.  Once, a stray mother cat had a litter of kittens and decided to raise them in our backyard.  We watched over and took care of them.  However, those adorable little furry creatures were terribly skittish!  They would come running, standing on their hind legs, peering into the screened-in porch every single time they heard us open the sliding glass door.  But the moment we walked out the screen door, they would scatter just far enough to remain out of our reach.

It occurred to me one day that many Christians are just like that.  They suffer from “WCS”, Wild Cat Syndrome.  They want God to take care of their needs.  They want Him to watch over them, keep predators away, provide food and shelter, and generally give oversight to what is happening in their lives, but getting close–developing a real relationship with Him, no – that is out of the question.

Realize how much more fulfilled those little kittens’ lives would have been to have a warm place to live, veterinary care, a gentle scratch behind the ears, etc.  Isn’t it the same with children of God?  When we allow ourselves to be close to God and allow God to become close to us, then we experience so much more peace and so much more comfort. Our identities are emboldened and affirmed.  We know whose we are and we know what belongs to us!  We can live a full life of confidence and effectiveness with power and certainty.

Are you suffering from WCS?  There is a simple cure.  God’s with you right now just waiting for you to draw close in a daily relationship with Him!

Increasing in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa