The Intensity That Brings Victory

I desire for you to be successful in your life, family, and ministry!  Daily, Alisa and I pray for you and your life.  We declare your protection, provision, direction, and every victory available in Christ!

I want you to know that no matter what you are experiencing right now, ‘whether victory or trial,’ you can be ‘strengthened, built up, energized, comforted, renewed, and bolstered’ to continue going forward.

Though we just finished an extensive study on praying, let me urge you to continue in prayer and the intensity of prayer.  In other words, the study may be over, but the praying has just begun.

During an extremely intense week of ministry and activities, I paused to reflect and meditate. I picked up E. M. Bounds’ book, ‘Power Through Prayer,’ and read the following quote from Richard Newton.

The principal cause of my leanness and unfruitfulness is owing to an unaccountable backwardness to pray. I can write or read or converse or hear with a ready heart; but prayer is more spiritual and inward than any of these, and the more spiritual any duty is, the more my carnal heart is apt to start from it. Prayer and patience and faith are never disappointed. When I can find my heart in frame and liberty for prayer, everything else is comparatively easy.—Richard Newton

My spirit leapt within me and, before I knew it, I was sitting there with tears on my cheeks and a heart wide-open before my Heavenly Father. He gently and firmly reminded me from where victory comes.

Indeed, God is a ‘God of Wonders,’ Who responds to the prayers of His people!

Increasing in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa