Which House Are You Building?

Picture with me a person who owns two homes, a nice home that is his primary residence and also a cottage located on a small parcel of land in the country which he uses as a vacation home.  Each week he spends long hours at his vacation home working diligently on improvements.   He keeps the floors highly polished, the windows sparkling clean; the property is immaculately manicured and ornately decorated with a wide variety of lavish plants, foliage, and garden elements.  All of his energies are going into methodically developing his own little paradise retreat to the complete neglect of his actual place of dwelling.  A walk around his primary residence is difficult from the overgrown lawn and undergrowth.  The formally glorious outer walls are now canvassed with weather-worn areas.  Broken windows, peeling paint, and tarnished trim obscure any inclination of the home’s former beauty.  Inside, worn carpet and a few pieces of tattered furniture are the only hints of life in the cold and damp dwelling.

It seems illogical for someone to invest all of their time, energy, and resources into a vacation home.  Yet, that is exactly what many people do with their spiritual lives.  They invest countless hours and a vast amount of resources into this earthly life to the neglect of their eternal lives.

Yes, God desires your earthly life to reflect Him.  He desires all that you do and all that surrounds you to bring glory to Him. Nevertheless, your primary energies and resources should go toward your true home, your eternal life!

Let’s examine how we can develop balance in this life while preparing for our eternal life!
How are we seeking first His
kingdom and righteousness

Increasing in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa