Do You Remember?

Throughout scripture you will see how God uses a person’s staff in a miraculous way to demonstrate His power.  God used the staffs of Moses and Aaron on numerous occasions.  One of the historical facts in that culture that interests me is the fact that they would carve symbols on their staffs as reminders of special events and occasions.  Picture Moses’ staff as being filled with markers of great events like the time he saw the burning bush, or when the sea parted.

How do you remember the great events of your life?  Do you have visual reminders such as photos or souvenirs around your home or in your office?  I do.  Of course, I tend to be a sentimental.  On some shelves in my home office is a collection of seven glasses from McDonalds featuring Disney characters.  They were a gift from one of the children at a church where we served as pastors several years ago.  She took it upon herself to create this collection over several weeks.  It is a precious memory of her and the marvelous ways God worked through us during those years!

Marking special events is very important.  It will help to keep you on track and moving forward.  I vividly remember when God spoke to me and called me to ministry.  It is a point of reference and encouragement I have held on to during difficult times.

I encourage you to mark your staff!  Carve those life-changing moments deeply so they will not be forgotten!  You will find great encouragement, direction, peace, understanding, and wisdom throughout life as you keep times of divine intervention and expression close to your heart.

Increasing in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa