Experiencing The Heartbeat Of God For Your Life

Have you ever had the joy of holding a newborn in your arms?  A confused and helpless newborn will quickly rest and find peace as his mother gently caresses her child in her arms close to her heart.

Are you looking for direction in life, your ministry, your church?  Do your pressures and daily schedules tend to become overwhelming?  Do feelings of aloneness and futility frequent your thoughts?

Change it up today!  Instead of concentrating on doing what you need to get done, try being where you need to be.

Deuteronomy 33:12 says, “the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders.”  That is where you need to be today!

Climb into the lap of your Heavenly Father.  Rest between His shoulders.  It is in this place you receive protection, security, strength, rest, comfort, and direction.  It is “Between God’s Shoulders” that you most clearly hear the heartbeat of God.

Your greatest comfort, your most certain direction, your strongest confidence, and your unshakable peace are all discovered and experienced while you are between the shoulders of God.

We daily pray for you that you succeed in life, in daily ministry for God’s Kingdom, and in this church!

I challenge you to be still and hear the heartbeat of God for your life, your daily ministry, and your church!  Set aside a significant amount of quality time to be between His shoulders.  It is there you will hear God’s heartbeat.  It is there you will hear direction, find strength, experience comfort and peace.

Resting with God is part of seeking Him first!  (Matthew 6:33)

Increasing in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa