The Missing Link To The Future Of The Church

Do you desire to experience God’s plan, purpose, and provision in your life and ministry?  I earnestly pray for you to prosper in all your hands find to do.  I truly wish for you to succeed in leading others into a closer walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Realize that though I can challenge you and cast a vision, it is your action and determination that will make the difference.  As Paul challenge Timothy to ‘stir up the gift within you’, I echo those words to your spirit.

God is calling you to be closer to Him than ever before.  He already knows the pathway before you.  He knows what is about to take place in your life and ministry.  He knows every increase and every challenge. He wants to prepare and equip you for every moment and has given you the gift of prayer to do so.

Be challenged to devote yourself to a life of prayer as never before.  Please, do not overlook this challenge!  Please, do not set it aside!  Consider these words penned by E. M. Bounds.

“How difficult it appears to be for the Church to understand that the whole scheme of redemption depends upon men of prayers. The work of our Lord, while here on the earth, as well of the Apostle Paul was, by teaching and example, to develop men of prayer, to whom the future of the Church should be committed. How strange that instead of learning this simple and all important lesson, the modern Church has largely overlooked it. We have need to turn afresh to that wondrous Leader of spiritual Israel, our Lord Jesus Christ, who by example and precept enjoins us to prayer and to the great Apostle to the Gentiles, who by virtue of his praying habits and prayer lessons is a model and an example to God’s people in every age and clime.”

Your prayers will change the hearts of world leaders.  Your prayers will break down hindrances to the gospel.  Your prayers will bring wholeness and healing to every area of your life and ministry.  Wait no longer.  Pray today, all day, throughout the day.

To paraphrase Ephesians 6:18 – “Pray with all kinds of prayers and keep on praying!”

Increasing in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa