What Can You Do To Stop The Chain Reaction Of Weariness?

Why is it that this time of year, many people go through a season of discouragement, burnout, or weariness?

If you are feeling that way, step back for a moment and think about it!  More than likely you spent a lot of energy and time during the past month or so being extra involved in family and social activities.  Usually this takes a toll on our bodies which then directly affects our emotions and spiritual fervor shortly thereafter.  Now that the adrenaline is gone, do not allow opportunity for weariness to set in!  “Stir up the gift within you” and “keep your spiritual fervor!”  (2 Tim. 1:6, Rom. 12:11)

I recently read this in my copy of “From Faith to Faith” devotional book.

“What can you do to stop this chain reaction of weariness?

Look up! Get your eyes back on Jesus. I remember on the field of athletic competition that when an opponent allowed himself to drop his head, he was no longer dangerous. He could be very easily defeated. So keep your head up. Keep considering Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith. Consider Him instead of the cares of this world. Consider what God says in His Word. Be moved by the thoughts of God. Let His thoughts become your thoughts.

Look up! Get your eyes off the circumstances around
you and onto your heavenly Source. Don’t be afraid you’re going to lose everything. God is your Source, not the world. He can take care of you regardless of what happens around you.

If you’ve gotten weary lately, begin to lift your eyes. Raise your head up instead of looking down. God is up. Jesus is up. The devil is down-under your feet. Look up!”

Alisa and I pray for you, your family, and your ministry here at LPC every day!

Increasing in Christ,
Pastor Gary & Alisa