Living With Indescribable Joy

Are you afraid of following the inward witness God places in your spirit?

That inward witness is God’s Holy Spirit communicating directly with your spirit.  It is the number one way God leads you.  All throughout scripture God has provided so many promises for you and I to grab a hold of and apply to our lives.  His promises are there to point the way for us to see the fulfillment to our needs through prayer.  Jesus told us clearly in John 16 that God answers our prayers so that our joy will be full (complete.)  Yet, so many of us miss out on the joy because we fail to act on the voice of the Lord as He leads usThe key is to start listening and acting on that inward voice.  It doesn’t start with the big things, but with the small details in our lives.  Then, it builds from there.

God’s greatest desire is for us to live an abundant life filled with joy unspeakable.  This past year has been filled with joyous events happening all around me.  As I have quieted myself and listened to the Holy Spirit, I have personally experienced God supernaturally going BEYOND in my life to do superabundantly above even my highest hopes, prayers, and dreams!  How do I feel when these things happen?  I rejoice!  I make a special effort to praise the Lord and share a testimony with a neighbor, friend, or relative of how God is working in and through my life.

Don’t miss out on the joy by failing to do something out of your ordinary habits when the Spirit leads you.   Listen to that inward voice and act on it!  God has something to say to you and through you today!

Love, Pastor Gary & Alisa