How Does God Speak?

As you celebrate this Christmas, I ask that you consider the remarkable ways God spoke to Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the Magi, Elizabeth, and Zacharias. If I were to ask you, “How did God speak to these people?”, your response would most likely be through an angel.  Indeed, God did miraculously speak through angels and dreams.  But, I want you to also realize that God spoke through the scripture.  It is believed that the Magi committed up to 4 years of their lives following the inspiration from the scriptures they read concerning the birth of Christ.

As we near Christmas, you may still be searching for an answer.  You may be hoping God to send an angel or speak to you through a miraculous sign.  Let me encourage you that God has already spoken and has given you the direction and answer for which you have been searching!  He has meticulously and miraculously incorporated it into His divine Word.

Many times it is difficult for us to understand how God works through His Word to affect our daily lives, yet, amazingly He does!  Whatever you may need, God has provided!  Be diligent to be in His Word, to be consumed by God’s Word, and He will establish the covenant promises of His Word in your life!

Alisa and I are praying for you to enjoy and experience a WONDERFUL Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Love, Pastor Gary & Alisa