You Are More Than Just A Title!

Who are you?  Who do people think you are?  Do people call you ‘Friend,’ ‘Parent,’ ‘Child,’ ‘Teacher,’ ‘Co-worker’?  So often, people perceive us by our title, but who we really are is reflected more by what we do than by a title we carry or are given.

Over the past few years, more and more ministry leaders have spoken encouraging words into my life about how God has worked through me to impact them and their ministries.  One leader said, “Gary, you are a pastor’s pastor.”  Another friend said, “Your ministry has had the greatest impact on my life and is what God used to call me into the ministry.”  I received these as beautiful comments that I cherish and thank my Lord for giving me the strength to be a part of working with Him.  But the point I wish you to focus on here is…’those eternal results would not have been determined by the title I carried at the time.’

You are more than your title!  You may be called a Sunday School teacher, Youth Leader, Nursery Worker, Financial Consultant, Mechanic, Retail Salesperson, etc., yet who you really are is reflected in what you do, especially in what creates eternal results and that flows out of your heart/spirit. Your actions, emotions, interests, and goals all find their source in the very center of who you are.

Now that we have established that concept, let’s determine how it impacts us.  Many people are not reflecting who they truly are in the new spirit God created within them.  They limit themselves to the title they carry.  “BE WHO GOD HAS CREATED YOU TO BE!”  Step beyond the walls of your title to the Spirit of Jesus inside you and begin reflecting the gifts and callings from God that are in your heart.  Act on those God-given passions and interests inside of you that you have been quenching.

You will have the greatest eternal impact on this world and the lives of those who know you as you step beyond your title to live as who God created you to be!

Think of it this way:
Who are you?  Don’t tell me, show me!”

Going BEYOND Through Him,
Pastor Gary & Alisa