What Is Worst Than Being Lost?

A friend once told me of how his 8 year old daughter was sitting with the family watching a movie about a little girl who was lost.  Very thoughtfully, his daughter said to her parents, “Do you know what’s worse than being lost?  Not having anyone searching for you.”

Let those words resound in your spirit for the next few moments.

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples.”  The word “Go” is probably best described “as you are going along your way.”  Christ was calling us to a life of searching for the lost.  He was challenging us to make disciples as we are going along our way each day.

There are so many who are lost.  In fact, if you went to the store right now you would be surrounded by people who are lost.  Thinking of what this girl said, “What is worse than being lost is that no one is looking for them.”  We are so often busily involved with the duties of work and the cares of life that we are failing in searching as we are going along our way.

Let me challenge you to renew your commitment to be searching for the lost.  I challenge you to refocus your priorities as to how you interact with the people with whom you will rub shoulders today and throughout this coming week.

Take a few moments and think on this before you head out the door.

Going BEYOND Through Him,
Pastor Gary & Alisa