Overcoming Unnecessary Difficulties

There are many believers who are struggling through situations that do not need to exist in their lives.

1 -Yes, there are certain times in life when we are being stretched by God’s gracious hand as He works in difficult situations to mold us, purify us, and create in us His image.

2 -Yes, some difficult times come into life as an attack from the enemy of our soul. He is out to kill and destroy every soul; believer and non-believer.

There is a third point to explore that is seldom discussed.

3 -Struggles also come into life as a direct result of our actions.

Yet, believers tend to place the blame on God or satan and rarely take responsibility for a self-induced struggle.

Once you recognize that struggles come from poor decisions or actions, you will want to answer the question, “How can I avoid these bad decisions and actions?”  Consider the word LORDSHIP.  What does that mean?

It means that when Jesus is Lord in your life, you listen and follow what He says about the Internet videos you watch, the books you read, the television programs you frequent, your leisure activities, the basis of friendships you develop, etc.

As Lord, Jesus will direct you in your family relationships. He will guide you in your finances, both how to make money and how to spend it.

When Jesus is Lord, He will have direct influence in every area of your life and ministry.

The reason too many believers are struggling today is because they have accepted Jesus Savior but not made Him Lord. The Lordship of Christ must once again become a preeminent message in the heart of every believer and ministry leader.

Do you want to get rid of the unnecessary struggles? Position yourself in the proper relationship with Christ Jesus as your LORD and Savior.

As you read and study Colossians 3:1 – 4:6, you will discover the Lordship of Christ is the underlying key factor to holy living, success in relationships, proper attitudes in work, and correct perspectives in life.

Jesus is Lord!

Going BEYOND Through Him, 
Pastor Gary & Alisa