Overcoming Life’s Ups and Downs

People say that life is filled with ‘ups’ and ‘downs’.  You’ve probably said that, or something similar to that yourself.  We talk about the ‘rollercoaster’ of life.  We hear sermons about being in the ‘valley’ and on the ‘mountaintop.’

All of these analogies are summed up in two words, “encourage” and “discourage.”  Amazingly, you can start the day with a feeling of being “encouraged” and within moments things appear to change so you begin to feel “discouraged.”

I want to challenge you today by looking at the part of those two words that never changes, “COURAGE.”

Courage is the constant that keeps you moving forward.  Courage is the driving force that comes from deep within your spirit.  Courage is the manifestation of your confident hope in God.  Your courage is the declaration of you saying, “I know there is a greater power with me!” (2 Chron. 32:7)

The difference between ‘encouragement and discouragement’ and ‘courage’ is this.  Encouragement and discouragement usually come from outward circumstances and emotional responses which can change as quickly as the wind changes its direction.  Contrastingly, COURAGE comes from deep within your spirit.  Courage comes from the constant relationship you have with your God through your Savior!

I want you to succeed in all you do just as your Heavenly Father desires for you to succeed and declare His glory in all you do.  You can and will steadily and assuredly move forward as you rely on the inner courage God has given you.

Let me give you an illustration of the difference between these two battling forces.

Encouragement and Discouragement is a winding pathway through an overgrown forest of uncertainty.  Courage is the arrow which flies straight and true toward the mark!

Going BEYOND Through Him, 
Pastor Gary & Alisa