Christ Has Positioned You For Victory

It is that time of year again when we begin to settle back into certain routines as children go back to school, summer activities fade, and fall activities become the next focus.  We have established patterns to live as we have always done. I’d like for you today to consider this short illustration.  Is your Bible handy? –  Please open it to Luke 6:47-48 and read the account of the person who built the house on a rock.

Most all of us have used this to teach our kids to build their lives on Jesus Christ, the rock of our salvation.  Let’s broaden our understanding of Christ’s teaching and realize that this parable illustrates the supernatural law of sowing and reaping which God has established for all His creation. 

The parallel is dramatically obvious.  Whatever you sow determines what you will reap.  It is the actual following through with what God has spoken to you that decides whether your life withstands all storms or falls to complete ruin. The foundation you build upon determines the strength and longevity of what you build.  This principle permeates through all that you do whether in your personal life, spiritual life, or ministry!

Consider your current plans for this upcoming season.  Consider the depth you are digging to establish a firm foundation.  The success of all our fall activities, the success of all our outreach events, the depth of spiritual growth both in the your life and the lives of all you influence, the moving of God’s power in our services, and the eternal results of all that we do will be supernaturally strengthened to last as we dig deep by acting on God’s Word to establish a strong foundation.

We are committed to be authentic Believers!  We are uniting together to do the works God has planned for us to do!  We are continuing to go BEYOND as we seek the fullness of Who He is in our lives and our church!

Going BEYOND Through Him, 
Pastor Gary & Alisa