Whatever It Takes!

Can you picture yourself in this situation?  It could happen at any moment!  You have been expecting to receive that special and vitally important telephone call, but you cannot simply sit by and wait for the phone to ring.  There are chores that you need to take care of.  The yard needs mown, the dishes need washed, and the vacuuming must be done today!  So, what do you do?  If you are engulfed in the clamor, you will not hear it ring.

Most every one of us know that we will do whatever it takes to make sure we can hear it ring.  We’ll keep the phone on the counter next to where we are standing.  When we move to a different room, we will be sure to take it with us.  We will most likely plug ear buds into it for while we are doing any tasks that creates noise so as not to miss the ring.  Why? Because it is important to us!

Well, today, yes today, your Heavenly Father will speak to you.  Will you hear Him when He does or will you miss His voice because of the busyness and clamor of the day?  Too often we miss His voice simply because we are not EXPECTING Him to speak.  Expect Him to speak!  Take all the necessary steps to hear Him.  Do whatever it takes and it will change your life!

One author said it this way.  “Expect to hear from God. If you don’t, you won’t listen for Him, and you’re not likely to hear Him because He speaks in a still, small voice.  As a rule, His words are quiet words. … So every morning of your life spend time praying in the spirit, talking to the Father and reminding yourself that the Holy Ghost is inside you, constantly teaching and guiding you.”

Going BEYOND Through Him, 
Pastor Gary & Alisa