Finding Your Life’s Purpose


Are you content and fulfilled in life?  Do thoughts of regret or moments of discouragement occur more frequently than times of refreshing and rejoicing?  Would you ever want to look back and realized you experienced an unfulfilled life?

I ask you those questions to provoke your thinking process for the next few moments.  I regularly hear from people who express frustration, disappointment, confusion, and a lack of contentment.  Usually, after a process, most every situation reaches the conclusion that the person is living ‘off purpose.’  By ‘off purpose’ I mean that they are living, working, or ministering outside of their God-given call and God’s plan for them. 

You will discover the greatest fulfillment in life as you live according to God’s plan for your life.  After all, doesn’t it make sense that if you were created for a purpose that you will discover the greatest success and satisfaction in fulfilling that purpose?

Here is a prayer based on Psalm 139:13,16-17.

Dear God, I am amazed to know that You created me for a purpose!  It only makes sense that You, my Creator, know exactly what will satisfy the longings of my heart.  But I have a choice: either I follow You and do what You already know will fulfill me and make a difference in this world, or I choose to go my own way.  O Lord, I choose to pursue Your plan for me because that is the only way I can be sure that my life will have fulfillment.  I choose You and want to accomplish what You created me to do. I understand that it may take years to fulfill Your plans, God, but I will never stop searching because the searching keeps me close to You.

Going BEYOND Through Him, 
Pastor Gary & Alisa