Living In His Anointing


Earlier this week, I read a devotional challenge based on Ephesians 2:11-13 which tells us that , though we were once separated (living apart) from Christ (the Anointed One), as believers we are now living in Him and His anointing!  

Think for a moment of what that truly means.  It means that you CAN go BEYOND!  You CAN live BEYOND, receive BEYOND, DO BEYOND, believe BEYOND, etc… because you are not living within your own strength or power!  Everything you are and everything you do is in HIS ANOINTING!

Here is the devotional.  May it build you up to realize you are in Christ and His Anointing!

Have you ever hit a brick wall? No, not a physical one, but an emotional one.  The kind that comes when you’ve chased every lead you knew to get a job, or get the money to pay a bill, or learn a new skill to get a better job. You know the feeling. It’s frustrating, and it usually drives even a weak believer to cry out to God.

Well, there’s one sure way to punch a good-size hole in that wall and watch it start to crumble until it is totally obliterated! I call it, “Factoring in the Anointing.”

According to the Scriptures, before you were born again, you were without the Anointed One (Jesus). Well, if you were without the Anointed One, you were also without the anointing, right? But now, you are in the Anointing of Jesus. That anointing is available to you in every situation you face to destroy (obliterate completely!) every yoke of bondage.

That’s why you can have hope in the most hopeless situations.  So whatever wall you are facing today, begin factoring in the anointing in your life.  
– Pursuit of His Presence

Going BEYOND Through Christ, 
Pastor Gary & Alisa