Greater Confidence is Available to You

Recently I watched one of the most amazing professional tennis matches I had ever seen.  It was between the top two tennis players in the world.  The entire match was teeming with lengthy volleys and amazing shots all the way to the very last serve.  It was a remarkable battle of skill and endurance.

One reason this match was so astounding was that neither player lost heart.  Both maintained a confidence throughout the entire match that kept them powering through the most difficult moments. One player was sick to his stomach; the other was playing with back, knee and foot injuries. Yet each continued playing with such force and vigor that you would never know anything was wrong.

Both of these players demonstrated the high level of confidence you would expect from the top two players in the world.  Yet, it isn’t always this way.  In fact, recently I saw another match where the world number one player lost confidence and then ended up losing a match that he was more than capable of winning.

In Christ, how much greater confidence is available to you and is vital to your victory

I encourage you to keep your confidence in God!  Keep your confidence in His word!  God has promised you victory and placed within you the same Spirit which raised Christ from the dead!  Do not lose heart!  Do not grow weary! Galatians 6:9 encourages you to not grow weary nor give up because you will be rewarded at the right time!

Alisa and I are praying for your strength and confidence!  May your victory be wonderfully manifested as you hold fast to the promises God has given!

Going BEYOND Through Christ, 
Pastor Gary & Alisa