Discover Refreshing, Strength, Wisdom, and Favor

Have you ever come to a place where you felt like you were quickly getting nowhere?  I’m sure you know the cliché, “spinning your wheels,” and have most likely felt like you were time and time again.  All of us, at one time or another, find ourselves putting forth much effort and seeing little, if any, results.  

Well, if you are feeling that way now, do not be discouraged.  As hard as it may seem, you must continue to press forward! 

I am reminded of a scripture in 2 Peter that says, “Give diligence to make your calling sure.”  I also remember that Proverbs says, “diligent hands bring wealth”, “diligent hands will rule” and “desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.”  What exactly are these verses speaking to you?  They are very simply and very plainly saying that you must remain diligent.

More directly, they apply to your life this way.  Who you are is more important than what you doGod is more interested in diligence in your relationship with Him than in your work for Him.  If you are looking for a breakthrough, then first look at who you are more than looking at what you do.  

Refocus your attention to what is most important then you will begin to experience an overflow in the area of what you are doing.  This is the core truth Christ teaches us in Matthew, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  Be diligent in your relationship with the Almighty.  You will discover new strength, new refreshing, new ideas, new insights, new wisdom, new favor, new blessings, new peace, and a new boldness that will break every circumstance and situation that appears to be holding you back or pressing you down!


Please do not brush off this truth.  God desires to mightily work through you and enable you to experience more than ever before.  He desires to see you break through and launch forward in power so that everlasting fruit will come from all that your hands find to do
(This is at the core of BEYOND!)

Going BEYOND Through Christ, 
Pastor Gary & Alisa