Remembering How God Works Beyond

I know your heart responds with joy every time you experience God’s abundant love working in your life!  He is wonderfully doing ‘far over and beyond’ in you and through you! (Eph.3:20)  Let’s remember the illustrations of how God worked BEYOND through Abraham and Joshua because He wants to do the same through you!

 Our foremost challenge is to follow the example of our spiritual father of faith, Abraham. (Rom.4:11)

1 – Abraham did what God said.

2 – Abraham did ANYTHING God said.

3 – Abraham did EXACTLY what God said.

4 – Abraham IMMEDIATELY did what God said.

 As we explored how God worked through Joshua in overcoming Jericho, we established 6 aspects of living beyond.

1 – God must be our priority.

2 – Our actions must align with God’s Word.

3 – What we say or don’t say is vital to our victory.

4 – We must work together in unity.

5 – Believe we have our victory before we see it.

6 – Celebrate our victory before we see it.

 Let these 10 highlighted points become paramount in your heart as you experience life this week. 

 As you begin living within these guidelines of victory, you will quickly recognize God’s power working through you.  He will empower you to overcome obstacles.  He will inspire you to overflow with His joy and peace.  He will equip you to go, do, and receive superabundantly, far over and above and infinitely beyond!  (Eph. 3:20 AMP)


Say it aloud!  God is at work in me so He can work through me!  He is carrying out His purposes for me!  He is doing superabundantly far over and above all I ask, think, or imagine.  His power is at work to do infinitely beyond my highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, and dreams!

Going BEYOND Through Christ, 
Pastor Gary