Is It Real?


“Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Taken!”  You may have seen it expressed as “Be Real” or “Be Authentic.”  First, each of us should endeavor to live it out because “Being Real” leads the way for God’s love to flow through all we do and are.


Consider this second point about “Being Real.”  The devil will NEVER be real when he speaks to you.  The temptations you face never give you the real picture of what the outcome will be after you yield to them.  He will paint a picture for you with just enough truth that you truly believe it is real.  Here is a real-life analogy. 

One day our doorbell rang.  When we answered the door, we were exuberantly greeted by a young man, professionally dressed, holding a laminated sheet of paper.  He was marketing magazine subscriptions.  His presentation was articulate and appealing.  He said he would personally receive funds toward his college tuition for each subscription he sold.  Everything seemed above board.  Alisa then asked to see his college ID.  He said he didn’t have one on him.  That one response sent up a red flag.  We were ministering in a suburb of Chicago with several colleges.  Students always have their IDs.  The check in our spirits said, ‘Say no thank you.’  Amazingly, that exact evening a local news station a featured segment about a local scam.  They described exactly what we had experienced earlier that day.    

You can be sure that everyone who saw that broadcast and was properly informed did not fall for that scam.  But, you can also be sure that there were many who missed the broadcast and were taken in.  Stay informed as to what is “REAL” by remaining in God’s Word and abiding in a close relationship with Him.  Doing so will guard you against unnecessary pitfalls and later regrets.

Going BEYOND Through Christ, 
Pastor Gary