A Main Key Overcoming Stress


Ephesians 3:20 clearly tells us that God empowers us with His Spirit so He can work through us.  Knowing that means we each can have an “I CAN DO THIS!” attitude.  Yes, we can do this!  We can do whatever it takes to live our lives holy and pleasing to God.  We can resist temptations.  We can live by faith.  We can live life in abundance.  We can have peace during crisis.  We can have joy in the midst of sorrowful circumstances.  Yes, we, too, can overcome and be overcomers!

Still, the simplistic details of life can appear to become the proverbial ‘straws that break the camel’s back.’  Though there is no real strength, weight, or power in that single straw, we often allow it to become a powerful weight because we do not follow Christ’s example.

Last week, we began more closely observing Christ’s example while He was on the cross.  How did He behave while enduring such struggle?

Christ powerfully demonstrates how to live BEYOND even in the midst of real pain.

The first words He spoke from the cross were, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” 

Forgiveness is a main KEY to overcoming stress. Often, we allow unforgiveness to be one of the ‘straws’ that create faith-hindering stress, which then  dampens our spirits, and keeps us from living BEYOND the daily grind.  Choose to live your daily life with an attitude of forgiveness!

How do we live in forgiveness toward those who uncaringly hurt us?  We realize that forgiveness grows out of the daily relationship with our Heavenly Father!

Jesus begins His first words on the cross with ‘Father.’  ‘Father’ is a statement of Prayer and also a statement of our Identity, our Worth, our Security, our Values, and our Beliefs!

Through Christ, “We Can Do This!”

Going BEYOND Through Christ, 
Pastor Gary