Can Good Things Weigh You Down?


Last week we thoroughly considered Joshua 9:14-15 with a greater understanding of what is keeping us from Living Beyond.  The two applications from those verses are that the enemy of your soul will deceive you into “sampling the provisions” which leads you to “making a treaty” with him and sin, rather than inquiring of the Lord for wisdom and direction. We then become fooled into developing behavior patterns that are not scriptural. 

As a reminder, we looked at Hebrews 12:1 to consider that these behaviors (which can often become traditions and passed from generation to generation) consist not only of sins but also of typically good things which the Holy Spirit calls weights or hindrances.

Have you ever honestly asked God to reveal the weights you are carrying?  Are you so wrapped up in events of this world, activities, friendships, and even family that they steal your time from God?  Have you become convinced that others are to do the work, train your children, reach the lost, aid the less fortunate, etc… to the point where your personal call and scriptural responsibility from God have been delegated to others or the church?

Activities, friendships, family, your church, etc… are all vital ingredients to a healthy and fulfilling life.  As we walk free from sins and hindrances, we operate in daily life with a level of total love and devotion to God that makes us supernaturally effective in all those areas, including fulfilling God’s purposes of maturing the body of believers and reaching the lost for Christ. Let’s live at the ultimate level of God’s best for our lives, living free from sin and hindrances!

Going BEYOND Through Christ, 
Pastor Gary