Desired Renewal


Here are some thoughts on fasting from Arthur Wallis’ book, “God’s Chosen Fast.”

In New Testament times, fasting was a channel of power. As spirituality waned and worldliness flourished in the churches, the power and gifts of the Spirit were withdrawn. With the loss of that inward power, men could only cling to what they had left, its outward accompaniment. More and more emphasis was placed upon the outward act of fasting, though bereft [devoid] of the inward spirit that alone could give it value.  Asceticism [strict legalism] became the mark of piety and spirituality. Paul’s prediction about “the form of religion but denying the power” (2 Tim.3:5) was being fulfilled.


But, God be praised, a new day is dawning, and a new thirst for the Spirit is beginning to awaken the slumbering church.  It is a day of spiritual renewal.  There are searchings and inquirings, burdens and longings on every hand.  The heart-cry of the church is ascending to heaven.  The Spirit of God is stirring.  What is all this but the first birthpangs of the new age that is soon to be born? 

God is determined to have a glorious church without spot or wrinkle, a bride fit for His beloved Son.  It is the conviction of the writer that, in the travail that will bring to birth, we shall rediscover one of the lost secrets of the early church: the power that is released through the truly biblical practice of fasting unto God. 

As we enter into this time of fasting, let us not do so with an emphasis on the outward act of fasting.  Let us sincerely desire a renewal in our spirits for a longing of God’s power to be released in and through our lives.

Love in Christ, 
Pastor Gary & Alisa