Personally Delivered Answers

As we read through the story of Christmas from Luke, we see that God sent the angel Gabriel to Mary to intimately deliver His call for her.  What does this say to you?  Are you searching for answers or direction?  God’s spirit is within you to personally deliver His answer and give you direction.  Yet, too often we look elsewhere for God to speak.

This reminds me of a humorous story of a young man seeking direction for his life.  His experience went something like this.

For some time this young man was floundering with what he should do in life.  One day while stuck in traffic, he glanced over to see a partially covered billboard.  The only letters he could read were G and O. A few moments later he noticed a torn bumper sticker on the car in front of him which read ‘now.’  Suddenly he thought.  That’s it.  God is telling me to ‘Go Now!’

I would think that most of us would respond, “Go where, now.”  After all, even when God spoke to Abram, He said to go to a land I will show you.  We need to be sure that our search for direction is focused correctly — on the voice of God’s Spirit!

As you celebrate this Christmas, consider the remarkable ways God spoke to Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the Magi, Elizabeth, and Zacharias.  Then, realize GOD IS SPEAKING TO YOU!  God is giving you direction.  God will answer.  And, when He does, it will be personally delivered!

Alisa and I are praying for you to enjoy and experience a WONDERFUL Christmas!

With our Deepest Love,
Pastor Gary & Alisa