Every Promise Is ALREADY Answered “YES”!

It’s Christmas-time!  We are celebrating the birth of Christ who brought into manifestation the covenant which Father God has made with us!  His holy word guarantees that EVERY PROMISE is already answered “YES” for you because you are in Christ.  Christ means the Anointed!  Therefore, you are in the Anointed One!  You are in the Anointing!  If we are in the Anointed One with an everlasting covenant, then why do we often feel boxed in or captive?  Why are we not experiencing the freedom we have been promised?

This thought can be wonderfully illustrated through an experience Houdini, the famous escape artist, once had.  Houdini made a reputation for himself of being able to escape any lock.  Police would place him in a locked prison cell and within seconds he would loose himself and follow the guards as they walked away — except once.  Houdini remained in a cell for about 30 minutes.  When the officer returned, he found Houdini fuming over the lock.  The officer gave a simple push on the door and it swung open.  The door had never been locked.  It was unlocked all the time!

Now, consider that God has already unlocked the door for you.  Jesus won the victory.  The battle is the Lord’s and He has won it!  You have already been given freedom, wisdom, direction, victory, etc.  Too often, like Houdini, our struggle comes from believing the “door is still locked!”  Do not be discouraged or defeated!  Fling the door open!  Let this Christmas season be a POWERFUL REMINDER of God’s everlasting covenant with you.

We pray for you to enjoy a MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Experience God’s goodness and greatness this season!  May you be aware of His surpassing love in your life and family!

With our Richest Love,
Pastor Gary & Alisa