It CAN Be The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

There’s a song that sings, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” It continues with a list of all the hurried activities we involve ourselves in during this upcoming holiday season such as; “kids jingle belling,” “parties for hosting,” “marshmallows for toasting,” and “caroling out in the snow.” When you add to that all of the Christmas programs, gatherings, etc…, you may find yourself slightly overwhelmed with an exceptionally full calendar of events and activities.

Let me encourage you to remain faithfully focused on your Lord and Savior throughout this season. During busy times as these, it becomes easier to be so involved with Christmas festivities and the ‘work of the Lord’ that you actually forget about the ‘Lord of the work.’ Remind yourself and all to whom you share this season that, as the saying goes, ‘Jesus IS the reason for this season!’

Keep Christ the central focus of more than just your activities and events! Keep Him as your innermost desire and predominant companion throughout every moment of each day! As you do, you will discover this most harried of seasons to be one of the most remarkably fulfilling ones as well!

With our Richest Love,
Pastor Gary & Alisa