Present Circumstances

Do you recall the cartoon by Mike Waters showing three children, 2 saying ‘Thank You’ and 1 saying ‘I don’t see anything to be thankful for”? The disillusioned little fellow was looking at a plate on which was written ‘PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES.’  Whereas, the two joyous siblings were focused on a large filled plate being carried to the table on which was written ‘GOD’S GOODNESS, LOVE & MERCY.’

Is it possible that you are feeling as that first little fellow?  Though we have been celebrating ‘Thanksgiving,’ maybe all you see is an empty plate of ‘PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES.’

Let me encourage you that:

  • You are on God’s thoughts today!
  • He has your name written in the palm of His hand!
  • He will never forsake you!

When you turn your eyes away from those circumstances and toward Him and His Word, you will see an abundance of promise and provision God has prepared for you!

When all you see are present circumstances, come to God with thanksgiving let those fade out of focus to bring God’s GREATNESS, POWER, MERCY, and LOVE into focus in your life!

With our Richest Love,
Pastor Gary & Alisa