Living Above the Water Line

Picture a helium balloon which has a yo-yo tied and dangling from the end.  The balloon is hovering over top of the ocean.  As long as the balloon remains filled with enough helium, the yo-yo will stay above the water line.  As helium is released from the balloon, the yo-yo gradually lowers into the water.  The ocean represents the innumerable responsibilities, focuses, projects, etc. which you have in life.  You are the yo-yo.  The helium-filled balloon is your relationship with God through Christ.  Like any relationship, its strength comes from what you put into it, not just “quality time” but quantity of time.

Consider how much you live below the water line, drowning in the multi-faceted aspects of life.  You may be able to hold your spiritual-breath long enough to survive for the short term to accomplish the tasks at hand, but, unless you keep your relationship with God through Christ active, you will eventually drown.

Are you experiencing burnout, frustration, disappointment, disillusionment, or a lack of vision?
It is time rise above the water line!  Revitalize your relationship with God through Christ!  You cannot survive without it!

I’m praying over you!

Love in Christ, Pastor Gary