The Power of Perspective

Do you recall having someone pointing toward something and saying “It’s right there!  Do you see it?”  In spite of how intently you looked, you just didn’t see what they were pointing toward.  Then, suddenly, it came into view!  Often, the answers we seek are right in front of us, but we just do not see them.

These past Sunday evenings, we have been discovering the ‘Power of Perspective!’  Our perspective can be a hindrance which keeps us from living an abundant life in Christ.  As we have shared, we must let our perspective interpret our circumstances rather than let our circumstances determine our perspective.  I want you to consider your self-perspective; how do you see yourself?  What’s your point of view about YOU?  According to scripture, you are chosen by God, redeemed,
co-heir with Christ, more than an overcomer, created in God’s image, etc…

In just these few descriptions alone, you can clearly see that you are in a winning position in Christ Jesus!  Let me encourage you to begin seeing yourself as just that!

Carl Lewis, one of the famous, all-time greats in track and field, when asked how he won so often, replied, “I win because I see myself winning in advance and I win because I expect to win.”

Tonight’s session delves into the impact our expectations have on our perspective.

What are your expectations?  What’s your point of perspective?  Are you looking at circumstances from the perspective of an overcomer?

Looking from a scriptural perspective makes all of the difference! 

-Pastor Gary