From Now On – A Year of the Lord’s Favor

We began this year, knowing that God has declared this year to be a “Year of the Lord’s Favor!”  You may recall the full meaning from Isaiah 61 is that it is a year (Hebrew=’SHANEH’ = a whole age or complete year) of His favor (Hebrew=’RATSOWN’ = when He voluntarily wills to show His delight and good pleasure). 

Yes, in Isaiah 61 God proclaims that ‘He voluntarily chooses that His delight and good pleasure are shown on you!’  So why is it you feel there are times when you are not experiencing His delight and good pleasure?  Could it possibly be that Isaiah 61 also outlines a plan of action for believers to encounter God’s holy anointing in their lives?

Peter encountered God’s power on the day Christ called him to be a disciple.  The catch of fish was a miraculous sign of God’s anointing at work.  Consider that, before God’s power was demonstrated, Peter had to take action.  He had to maneuver the boat out to the correct position and cast the nets which he had just finished cleaning. 

As you look at Isaiah 61, you will notice that verses 4, 5, & 6 come before verses 7, 8, & 9 which speak of the “double portion,” “inheritance,” “God rewarding His people,” and being “a people the Lord has blessed.”  Before that takes place, verses 4 through 6 show us that we must take action.

Simply stated, “God’s favor will be demonstrated as you actually do what God has created you to do!”  What talents, abilities, and insights has God given you to use?  Put them to work and discover the power of God in your life!


Pastor Gary  & Alisa