From Now On!

I want to share with you three remarkably powerful words which Jesus says to Peter in Luke 5:10.  Peter hears Christ say, “From now on…”  These are three life-transforming words for Peter and for you and I.  Consider that each day you experience opportunities and possibilities that do not need to be tempered by your past decisions, failures, or successes.  Each day Christ says to you, “from now on.”

Have you ‘dropped the ball’?  Have poor choices made you believe that you cannot accomplish the vision in your heart?  Do your thoughts remind you of condemning words someone once spoke over you?  Does fear grip your heart when you think of what lies ahead?  Christ says to you, “Do not be afraid; from now on…”

Yes, it can be good to reflect upon your past experiences as an aid in your decision making.  But more often, I discover that people allow their past experiences to build confining barriers which hold them back from accomplishing the dreams God has given them.

At any point in which you feel fear, say to yourself, “FROM NOW ON I am not afraid, for Christ is with me.”  At any moment in which your past failures tempt you to believe that you cannot do whatever task is at hand, say to yourself, “FROM NOW ON I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

Today is the day!  Now is the time!  Let these three powerful words inspire your spirit and let this moment be a “FROM NOW ON” moment in your life!

-Pastor Gary