Running Over? or Run Over?

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Write your sad times in sand, write your good times in stone.”  I believe there is an obvious application of this thought for us as believers.  Too frequently, we allow our focus to be more permanently placed upon those trying or testing moments of life.  We can allow a singular difficult situation to become as a stone memorial to us which forever changes how we approach daily living.  One fretful instance can become the catalyst to surrendering our joy, peace, and even our faith.

Regrettably, when we allow such negative single-mindedness an opportunity to be established in our thoughts, we then open the door to an ever-increasing deluge of discouragement.  It is at that point when we begin to feel “Run Over.”  Have you felt “Run Over?”  Are there weights of discouragement, disillusionment, or dissatisfaction holding you down?  Do you want things to change?  If so, consider this:  “Instead of feeling as though you have been ‘Run Over’ by life, you can experience the joy of life as ‘Running Over!’”  (Luke 6:38)

The second part of Shaw’s quote can be a reminder for us as believers to focus upon God’s goodness in our lives.  Look for God’s daily blessings in your life.  Let the blessings you experience, both great and small, be consistently spotlighted in your thoughts and conversations.  You will soon begin to more quickly recognize that there are more blessings in your life than you would have ever imagined.  Yes, indeed, God’s blessings come on you and accompany you throughout each and every day!  (Deut. 28:2)


Pastor Gary