The Good, The Bad, The Ridiculous

Luke 12:32 encourages us with these words, “Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom!”  Our Heavenly Father is GOOD!  His pleasure, in other words ‘His delight’, is derived from giving good things to us.   Remember Christ’s words from Matthew 7:11, “how much more will your Father Who is in heaven [perfect as He is] give good and advantageous things to those who keep on asking Him!” (AMP)

Doesn’t your heart rejoice as you are reminded that God is GOOD and He gives GOOD and ADVANTAGEOUS gifts to you?

This world is filled with both good and bad.  The Good is from God; whereas, the bad is from the enemy of your soul.  It is impossible for bad to come from God.  Do bad things happen?  Yes.  Does God work good in our lives in spite of the bad that the enemy brings against us?  Yes. 

It may be best expressed in God’s Word through Genesis 50:20 (CEV) “You tried to harm me, but God made it turn out for the best.”  Satan cannot do good.  God cannot do bad.  Therefore, be encouraged to realize that when bad comes, God can overturn it to good.

If the enemy of your soul has ever caused you to think that God caused something bad in your life, be reminded today that your God loves you, He gives good and advantageous things to you, He will overturn those bad things in your life and cause them to work for your good as your hope is consistently in Him.  God is good!  To think otherwise is…Ridiculous!


Pastor Gary